March 2016

5 Things You Need to Know about Your Ridesharing Work

1. You Can Make Good Money
Does making $90,000 a year as a full-time Uber driver in New York City sound enticing? You bet it does. The best news, leveraging the Driver Dash App will help augment your earnings potential. Uber says its drivers make an average of $19 per hour while Lyft and Sidecar promote you can earn up to $35 per hour with their services.

We don’t need to tell you these are great rates. The problem is on-demand drivers typically only use ONE ridesharing application during their whole shift. Imagine the number of rides any one driver will be missing out on by only using Uber.

DriverDash wanted to change that by giving more power to our nation’s on-demand ridesharing drivers.

We’ve built a cutting edge piece of software which allows our users to switch between Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, eRideShare, Ridester and other ridesharing services in real time! Our application even allows its users to leverage other mobile applications like Google Maps and Spotify without closing other ridesharing applications.
Imagine earning more money, time and having more fun during your ridesharing shift! It’s only possible through the Driver Dash App.

2. Join more than one ridesharing company
According to an industry expert, two-thirds of drivers work for more than one rideshare company so they can earn more money on the job. When one ridesharing platform dries up, users can cycle over to another platform to look for better deals around their respected cities.

3. Review your insurance
As the ridesharing community becomes more mainstream in our constantly changing culture, more and more insurance companies are now offering unique insurance packages to ridesharing drivers. For examples, MetLife has a new policy that’s only available for Lyft drivers in Colorado. The field is constant changing so if your city doesn’t have an affordable insurance option voice your opinion to the ridesharing community.

4. Don’t Forget about Taxes
New drivers to the ridesharing market must remember to track their miles for tax purposes. Driver Dash has built in software functionalities that easily do just that!

5. Expect wear and tear on your car
Many rideshare drivers forget about scheduling routine maintenance check on their vehicles. Even sitting idle waiting or passengers puts increased stress on your transportation vehicle(s). For these reasons, it’s important to visit your local mechanic at least once a year to help offset the stress incurred from night and evening shifts.

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Ride Sharing Application

Introducing the hottest innovation is ride sharing solutions –the Driver Dash Application!

We offer solutions for individual on-demand drivers for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, eRideShare, Ridester and other on-demand taxi services.

We believe is simple solutions for our users. That’s why we created the Driver Dash application.

How does our application help you?
– All-in-one dashboard
o keep your most important applications and tools easily accessible on your mobile device’s home screen
– Track your dead head miles
o Your down time shouldn’t cost you money. We help solve this problem.
– Simple and Safe Software
o The Driver Dash application was engineered to make your job easier. Helping you to focus on driving and friendly customer service.

What exactly is ridesharing? Quite simply, ridesharing is the sharing of vehicles by passengers to reduce commuting trips, automobile emissions, and traffic congestion. Some common examples of ridesharing include carpool, vanpool, public transportation, walking and bicycle commuting.

The team behind the Driver Dash application wants to help clean-up the environment through effective ridesharing solutions. We’ve engineered a software product that helps on-demand drivers earn more money by optimizing their driving shift all the while fostering a larger community of ridesharing participants whose involvement is saving our planet. The fewer emissions we pump into the atmosphere, the healthy and happier our planets inhabitations will be.

About Rideshare Services

Our nation’s transportation industry has been uprooted by modern day technology, CPUs, mobile phones and savvy commuters. Instead of hailing down a yellow taxi and paying a high fee for the service, companies like Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, eRideShare and Ridester are offering simple, cost effective solutions to our modern day workers.

The team at Drive Dash wants to sweeten the deal. Our ridesharing application is easily accessible on the Play Store and iOS application markets. Once you download the application, users can seamlessly switch between their favorite transportation apps from one dashboard.

Let’s say you receive a notification on your Lyft app for a local ride. The trip is short, within the same city, and will yield a healthy profit margin. You’re sold and want to accept the new ride. With the Drive Dash application, a user can quickly select their desired application located on your phones heads-up dashboard. The Lyft application will immediately load in real time, negating any need to close currently open applications.

Many of our users enjoy the convenience and functionality of the Lyft application, yet they miss out on addition fares throughout their shift because it’s very cumbersome switching to Lyft, Sidecare or eRideShare.

With the Driver Dash application, we’ve solved those problems. By using our dashboard application, on-demand drivers will optimize their drive times, fares, and routes earning you more money while simultaneously cutting costs.