February 2016

Driver Dash Mobile Application

Attention on-demand drivers! We have built a simple, sleek effective mobile application that saves you money, retains your rides and helps you keep earning money.

Introducing: Driver Dash.

The first application of it’s kind. Are you ready for big things? Good. We’re here to help get you there.

Why Driver Dash?

– Our single screen dashboard allows you to switch between Uber and Lyft applications without loosing a ride. No more pesky technical mishaps.

-Track you ‘dead head’ miles. Uber and Lyft never reimburse their on-demand drivers for those miles between rides or when you’re driving into town to start your shift. Did you know that if you track these dead head miles you can actually save money on your taxes? Thanks to a special Driver Dash feature, every on-demand driver will be able to keep a record of your dead head miles to help save you money come tax time.

– The Driver Dash application is simple and safe. Our single page application interface keeps your eyes and ears glued to the road ensuring safe transportation of your passengers and your vehicle.