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UpShift is a mobile app designed just for on-demand ride share drivers to use while they work. Our platform allows drivers to integrate all their work platforms ( Uber, Lyft, Instacart, OrderUp, etc.) in one dashboard. UpShift offers industry-first work platform online/offline request automation, passenger heat maps, shift & mileage toggles, SMS automations, financial tracking, and work process automation.


To the left we have illustrated the average earnings $ per hour by on-demand workers running from 1-2 platforms simultaneously (common without UpShift) in red, and those running 2-10 platforms simultaneously (possible with UpShift) in green.

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Basic Feature Details

Dashboard & QuickBar

Instantly switch between platforms and apps with a persistent Quickbar.

○ All platforms and apps; ONE linked dashboard
○ Locked Quickbar: Add and Remove +/- Apps
○ Quickbar keeps apps persistent
○ Persistent apps load and toggle faster
○ Run multi-platforms on 1 device
○ Hide / Show quickbar: 1 touch

Shift Tools

Quick input design for safety, consistency, and reliability.

○ Shift summary dashboard
○ Shift timer toggle switch
○ Deadhead mile toggle switch
○ Add Revenues: 3 taps
○ Add Tips: 2 taps
○ Add Expenses: 3 taps

Reports, Finances, & Taxes

Instantly visualize and maximize your time behind the wheel.

○ Instant Dashboard Data
○ Cloud backup
○ Net Earnings, Expenses, Mileage, $/p/hr
○ Sort shift by: current,d,w,m,yr
○ 5 NEW crucial automation features, next release


Work Platforms, Tools, Taxes, Mileage, Deductions, SMS Autoreplies, Surge Monitors, + More

Why UpShift earns you more per hour?

While running multiple platforms simultaneously helps increase total work received, many on-demand workers are losing out on 2-3 times their hourly rate due to mismanaged financial records. From deadhead miles and meals, to insurance maintenance and even this software all of these expenses are factored in live to your daily financial summary that shows you how much you have really earned.

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The Upshift FREE App for Android & iOS
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○ QuickBar – Runs multiple platforms in one dashboard

(Included Platforms : Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, PostMates, Curb, Wingz, OrderUp, Flex, Uzurv)

○ Shift Tools
○ Income & Expenses
○ Miles & Deadhead Tracking
○ Google & FB Cloud Storage
○ Financial Summary
○ Document Storage
○ Coupons Targeted
○ One-TouchReferral Install
○ One-Touch CSV Export


○ All-in-One Dashboard
○ Run multi-platforms in one dash
○ Platform Widget Bar & Tool Widget Bar – FIXED

(Included Platforms : Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, PostMates, Curb, Wingz, OrderUp, Flex, Uzurv)

(Add Tools $1.99 p/mo : Square, Waze, Google Maps, Pandora, Spotify, Surge Chaser, PAX Notify, PAX Timer)

○ Document Storage
○ Coupons & Referrals
○  Instant Dashboard Data
○ Shift tools, timer, toggle switch, & summary
○ Deadhead and Total mile toggle switches
○ SMS Friend Referral


○ Editable Widget Bar
○ Automated Text Responding
○ +/- Revenue & Expenses
○ More Doc Storage
○ Platform Ins. Docs
○ Custom Driver Tools
○ Task Automations
○ Passenger Timer
○ Add Commissions
○ Surge Notifier


○ Upgraded UI/UX
○ Platform Request On/Off Automation
○ Advanced Financials Summaries
○ Pre-Filled Tax Forms
○ Workshift Automations




○ Web App
○ Feature Automation
○ Independent Driver Platform for scheduling and booking
○ InstantPay – Same day funds


○ Web App – Visualize your work
○ Feature Automation
○ Independent Driver Platform for scheduling and booking
○ InstantPay – Same day funds


○ Compiled Earnings
○ Linked Bank Accounts
○ Tax Guidance and Documentation
○ Huge discounts on bulk purchased products amongst our pro drivers


The All-In-One Dashboard for



  • ○ All-in-1 Dash
  • ○ Quickbar - Set Platforms
  • ○ Revenue & Expenses
  • ○ Shift Timers & Tools
  • ○ Deadhead & Mile Toggles
  • ○ Document Storage
  • ○ Financial Summaries
  • ○ SMS Friend Referrals
  • ○ Google Cloud Backup
  • ○ Export Data
  • ○ Ad Banner
  • ○ Web Dashboard Coming Soon



  • ○ Surge Chaser
  • ○ Floating PAX Timer
  • ○ Automated PAX SMS Replies
  • ○ Automated SMS PAX Referrals
  • ○ Added Doc. Storage
  • ○ Platform Insurance Docs
  • ○ Polished UI/UX
  • ○ Paypal Payments
  • ○ Google Cloud Backup
  • ○ Web Dashboard Coming Soon



  • ○ User Edits Platform Widget Bar +/- any app from app store
  • ○ Independent Driver Platform - Schedule/Grow Clientele
  • ○ Custom Driver Calendar
  • ○ Task Automations
  • ○ Autodeduct Commissions
  • ○ Detailed Financial Summary
  • ○ 1099 Business Walkthrough & Guidance
  • ○ Removed Ad Banner
  • ○ Upgraded UI/UX
  • ○ Web Dashboard Coming Soon
APR 2017



  • ○ Independent Driver Platform - Build Clientele
  • ○ Driver On/Off Automation
  • ○ Platform Work Request Automation
  • ○ Pre-Filled Tax Forms
  • ○ SMS AutoReplies
  • ○ Work Shift Optimization
  • ○ Integrated Calendar Scheduling
  • ○ Upgraded UI/UX
  • ○ Web Dashboard Coming Soon
MAY 2017

Why UpShift?

Be Safe on The Road

Driving is stressful enough as it is, without trying to use a handful of apps while you’re at it. If you’ve got paying passengers in the back seat, that could hurt your driver rating. UpShift lets you quickly toggle between platforms and go online and offline with the tap of a button.

Shift Timer & Hourly Rate

Start the shift timer when you drive to always know your hourly rate.

Track Dead Miles

Make the Most of your Mileage Deductions by tracking the miles you drive between paying passengers

Sort Data

Sort by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year to view a snapshot of your net earnings in an instant.

All your apps for driving, always within reach

Add what you use most to drive smarter! From a handful of the biggest platforms, to music apps, GPS, and even credit card readers for tips.

Edit WidgetBar

Easily customize which apps are on the WidgetBar so your most used apps are right where you need them.

No more losing all your data and rebuilding a whole new system.

Automation is great, but when driving platforms update their app, you might lose all that data.
That’s why UpShift uses the quick input method after each fare, manually input by the driver and added to your earnings dashboard.
We’ve built to be easy to use while on the road, and you know it will be right every time.

Revenue & Expenses

Quickly input Revenue, Tips, and Expenses while out on the road so you don't have to miss a beat

Tax Season is a breeze

Not only do our reports factor in commissions paid to platforms for deduction, but it calculates all of your manually input expenses and combines them into one report. That report is then emailed to you and is already pre-formatted to the IRS deduction form 1040 Schedule A. You’ll have full control of your account and see your data, metrics, and usage in real-time.

Constantly releasing new features.

We want to incorporate the features that drivers want most, so we will be adding your suggestions into our updates. UpShift is proud to support those who drive in the on-demand industry!

Built by Drivers, for Drivers.

Being former ride-share drivers as well, we were frustrated with the limited tools out there focused on drivers. So we began to integrate everything we found useful in one place, and UpShift was born.

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5 STARS – UpShift is great. It is really useful and keeps everything I need on the screen where I can get to it. I e-mailed the developers and they responded very fast and answered all my questions. seems to be a great group of people working on this .. keep up the great work guys.

Charles BrownDriver @ Uber & Lyft

5 STARS – A must have for rideshare drivers! For drivers by drivers! This app is amazing. Very simple to use and has maximized my time and potential earnings. Love being able to keep track of tips/fares/expenses. The dead head mileage tracker was also a nice touch to be able to have those added for tax time. I emailed a developer previously about the app to try it out and have to say it is definitely worth the money! It does make my phone run a bit hot but I clear out my background apps and that usually solves the problem. I am excited to see what they have in store for us!

Greg BrowningDriver @ Uber & Lyft

5 STARS – Really useful! UpShift is a useful app that also helps me be safe on the road. Easy access to my rideshare apps with the widget, and some additional cool options like mileage tracking and a timer. They also are involved in the community to get feedback, which is really fantastic. This is a no-brainer purchase if you drive.

Danny VigourDriver @ Uber & Lyft

5 STARS – Review as of 5/13/2016 My Dad told me about this app. He knows one of the developers. Right now its a good app. It is much like Driver Companion. Once they implement the autolog off feature, this app will be everything people are looking for. As it stands, it is still worth the price.

Dabido RobatsuDriver @ Uber & Lyft

5 STARS – Pretty kool I like it but still learning. Would love a video tutorial. A timer would be kool.

Sammy KosechequetahDriver @ Uber & Lyft

4 STARS – I would like it switched on and off apps automatically as sometimes you forget to turn off and there is a request. Voila!

David AnvariDriver @ Uber & Lyft

5 STARS – Fantastic app! Anyone doing ridesharing as a driver needs this app!

Kevin KnoblDriver @ Uber & Lyft

I found the whole platform very intuitive and easy to understand quickly, I also was very pleased with the reliability of the application as I have yet to have it crash on me!

Robert MorganDriver @ Uber, Lyft & OrderUp

Great app! Brings everything I need into one place!

Nick HaukenessDriver @ DoorDash & Postmates

Finally something that can integrate everything! Yes it takes me another 10 seconds at the end of my trips but SherpaShare kept crashing and updating and their data was never correct. I’ll stick with keeping it simple!

Dustin ChildresDriver @ Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Wingz

Would be better if location permissions (gps, etc) were established before the overlay, so you don’t have to figure out how to turn it off, then activate location, then back on. that was a headache. While I am looking forward to the upcoming features, a potential (and hopefully a welcomed) suggestion would be to add the ability to tap the location button to minimize the floating bar? Once this app has the auto-offline for the services your not currently running, I have no issues changing this to a 5, only because that is a major selling point for me!

David CofferyDriver @ Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Wingz

Oh…and another thing 😁 It seems like this developer is looking to integrate every useful feature missing from the rideshare apps into their app and for me a 5 minute countdown timer for cancelling an Uber ride about the only thing else I need.I really like the app so far. But please – there are lots of music apps besides Pandora and Spotify, and they are really important to the ride share experience. Please add the ability to add other widgets. Your responsiveness to our input makes a huge difference and is really appreciated.

Pete WienstockDriver @ Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Wingz

Give 5 Stars if you can add the paypal pay here app. To the list

Josh WaiteDriver @ Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Wingz

Was having some issues with my app so I messaged them on Facebook. One of the develops messaged me back and we exchanged messages throughout most of the day until we my issue was resolved. Pretty sure this guy/gal had many other things to do than spend half the day helping a customer with an issue. Never experienced customer service with an app like that before. Great app, unquestionable customer service. I am a customer for life!

Michael BrackDriver @ Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Wingz

Smooth transition from one app to the next. Easy to use tool suite. Thank you for such a powerful app!!!

Erick KillianDriver @ Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Wingz